Estonian Architecture Awards 2019
Compiler and editor: Triin Ojari
Graphic Design: Unt / Tammik
Estonian language editor, translation: Kerli Linnat
Project Manager: Kaire Pärnpuu
Graphics: photos, schemes
Language: Estonian and English
192 pages
Format: 285 x 220mm
Published: December, 2019
Publisher: MTÜ Arhitektuurikirjastus
15.00 €

Estonian Architecture Awards 2019

The Architecture Award yearbook 2019 brings together the best examples of buildings and landscape architecture in Estonia, while also highlighting the intrinsically related activities such as writing and promotion, teaching and learning, planning and management.

The nominees have been selected by the juries of the Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Association of Architects and Estonian Landscape Architects Union, all objects include the comments by the authors as well as the users of the buildings.

In addition to architectural works, the awards by the architectural review MAJA and cultural weekly Sirp highlight the best writings on architecture.

Triin Ojari