Estonian Landscape Architects Union / annual award 2019 nominee
Lääne Street 11A, Tartu
Landcape Architecture
Mirko Traks, Karin Bachmann, Uku Mark Pärtel, Kristjan Talistu, Juhan Teppart (KINO maastikuarhitektid)
Tinter Projekt
Commissioned by
Tartu Linnavalitsus
Kiur Kaasik


My favourite was the big climbing thing, it’s almost as high as the rope pyramid in Tähtvere, which I also like very much. But the climbing thing in Jaamamõisa has many other cool things as well. For example, there’s a trampoline inside one of the hills. I would give it five points out of five.
Uku Peeter, 8

I really enjoyed cycling there. There were some jumps that you could drive over and then jump. There was also a climbing tree, a cobweb. And also the blue thing with sticks that you could run through. And then in between we also swung.
Johannes Eik, 7

There was a slide on top of the hill. We jumped from one end of the trampoline to the other and then down the hill and on the slide. You can also play the game where you can’t touch the ground. Then there was the third track, slightly smaller. And when you climbed on the roof of the mini-house, it was like another level.
August, 7