The Ceremony

An unusual year, a special celebration

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the award ceremony will take place virtually and we can only invite the laureates to the venue. But this need not detract from the charm of the architecture awards. The awards, speeches and presenters will all be there on stage at the Tallinn Creative Hub, and you can create a festive mood on the other side of the screen – safely on your chosen spot and with your beloved ones!

The laureates will be announced on Wednesday, December 9 at the Tallinn Creative Hube. The live broadcast of the award ceremony will take place from 19.00 here:

The laureates will be jointly announced by: 

Estonian Association of Architects,

Estonian Association of Interior Architects,

Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union,

Architecture Endowment of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia,

architecture magazine Maja and culture newspaper Sirp.

The ceremony in 2020 focuses on future cities and combines the physical and the virtual space. What do cities dream of? Can cities have dreams? Can cities fall ill and heal? Can cities heal the environment, societies, people?

The host of the ceremony is Marii Karell. The video production will be brought to you by the Vita Pictura team. 

The ceremony will last about two hours.

Where to watch?

Celebrate and watch the live streamed ceremony online together with your favourite people!

This year is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate in the company of our nearest and dearest, and be connected to others literally through the air, at a safe distance. Organise your own cozy gathering to watch the event together, for example, at home, in the office, outdoors or in some other special place. 

Celebrate with your loved ones or team, or even on your own, but be responsible and make sure to follow the Health Board guidelines.

We kindly ask you to mark 9 December in your calendar as a day of celebration dedicated to quality space.

The joint annual ceremony of Estonian Architecture Awards was initiated in the year of 2015 to acknowledge the most outstanding achievements in contemporary Estonian architecture and to raise public awareness of Estonian architects, interior designers and landscape architects in Estonia and worldwide.


The Estonian Architecture Awards 2020 are supported by


The Cultural Endowment of Estonia




Lincona, Flooorin, Fagerhult, Wermstock, Jung, Juhani Puukool, Aluprof/VBH Estonia, Extery


Architecture Endowment of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia and publishing house Arhitektuurikirjastus



The Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union, the Estonian Association of Architects and the Estonian Association of Interior Architects



Jekaterina Jõgis-Laats

+372 56 56 87 66 



Aljona Galazan

The Curator of Award Ceremony 2020

The Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union

+372 5668 9070