Estonian Association of Architects / award for a small object 2018 winner
Eisma, Lääne-Virumaa
Indrek Allmann (Arhitektuuribüroo PLUSS)
Commissioned by
MTÜ Eisma Sadam
Indrek Allmann, Päär-Joonap Keedus

Extension of Eisma Harbour Shed 

This structure looks like it belongs there. The local timber and the dark painted surfaces interplay with the neighbouring old-time fisherman’s huts on the seashore. The building has been thought through to the smallest detail. It is a functional, contemporary and socially engaging structure.

Austris Mailītis / Mailitis Architects /


There is a small shed at Eisma harbour. There used to be an overseer registering how many fish all the fishermen brought from the sea. There was a lot of fish in the sea and thus also the shed for the fishermen’s equipment was large and grand. Today, there is little fish in the sea and instead of the fishermen’s shed, there is the harbour building for sailors. The former overseer’s shed had been taken over by big ants – red wood ants. Nevertheless, there was a need for a building to meet the simple daily requirements of both fishermen and other sailors. So this became the extension of the ant shed – as it is important to retain continuity.

In terms of architecture, the volume of the building is simple with the structural solution clearly exposed. We highlight the details providing users with the charm of novelty and emotions.

The extension is made of cross-laminated timber panels. In order to ensure the building’s pleasant tactile rusticity and to improve the adherence of the finishing oils, we did some research and development work with skilful wood craftsmen and made the panels out of fine sawn timber.

The building is essentially maintenance free. Its changing tonality and emerging cracks are all part of its architectural concept and its lifespan. We can only imagine how picturesque it will look like in a hundred years.


Indrek Allmann