Estonian Association of Interior Architects / annual award 2021 nominee
Cultural Endowment of Estonia in architecture / annual award 2021 nominee
Lõõtsa tn 1a, Tallinn
Interior architecture
Jan Skolimowski (KAMP Arhitektid)
Piret Noor (PIN Arhitektid)
Gustaf Tallinn
Commissioned by
Total area
Terje Ugandi


Inspiration for the interior architects came from Thermory’s signature material – thermowood. The problem: how to show off the heat-treated wood products in the interior to create a distinctive calling card for the showroom and the whole brand. A balance had to be struck between the visible and concealed demo products, rhythm found between materials and surfaces. On the one hand, the goal was to translate the Thermory product catalogue into an interior; on the other hand, it was important to create surfaces to serve as a backdrop for the thermowood products on display, with the products ranging from mouldings to saunas, with room to increase the product selection later on.

Since it is a new building, construction of which tends to be optimized, the main challenge was to make the interior better than the building itself would allow. Existing features used were concrete floor surfaces, which created a good backdrop for the featured products. It also allowed money to be saved, so the emphasis could be placed on the most impressive part – the wood. The result: not a monotonous space with a standardized quality but one with contrasts and variation. For example, interior architects lavished attention on the flowing form of the surfaces under the windows and in the curved ceiling of the kitchenette.

Using this much wood as a finishing material in a high-rise building proved complicated. Due to the fire code, the interior and the products themselves had to be coated with fire retardant. The products had to look authentic and saleable, as thermowood is generally not used in areas where fire resistance is required and isn’t sold covered by a coat of varnish either.

The result: a showroom that isn’t just a place for showing off products but a source of inspiration and ideas for potential use, encouraging visitors to think creatively.