Cultural Endowment of Estonia in architecture / landscape architecture 2019 winner
Estonian Association of Architects / annual award 2019 nominee
Estonian Landscape Architects Union / annual award 2019 nominee
Maarjamäe, Tallinn
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Kalle Vellevoog, Jaan Tiidemann, Tiiu Truus
Kirke Kangro
Lidia Zarudnaya
Kersti Nigols, Martin Prommik, Liis Voksepp, Annika Liivo, Marianna Zvereva
Graphic Design
Martin Pedanik
Technical Installation of Officers Monument
Margus Triibmann
Lighting Consultant
Siim Porila
Commissioned by
Riigi Kinnisvara
Haart Ehitus
Tõnu Tunnel, Martin Siplane, Arne Maasik


The memorial fills a significant gap in the memorial rituals of Estonian people and provides multifaceted means for relating to the Communist regime of terror. The darker side of the memorial, the journey constrained by black walls with their name plaques forms a cenotaph to the thousands who died and reminds us of all the victims who suffered. The outer side of the journey also accommodates the memorial to the Estonian officers falling victim to the terror. Next to the depressing journey, we find a bright home garden filled with apple trees – the place where people were uprooted from before they were sent on the journey of suffering and where the survivors yearned to come back to. The atmosphere created in the home garden gives faith and hope for a better future despite the atrocities suffered. In addition to the narrower meaning of the given monument, the architects have also managed to give a new perspective to the entire memorial area in Maarjamäe.
Meelis Maripuu / Estonian Institute of Historical Memory