Estonian Association of Interior Architects / annual award 2021 nominee
Cultural Endowment of Estonia in architecture / annual award 2021 nominee
Veetorni tn 4, Tallinn
Interior architecture
Age Lenk (L-Disain Sisearhitektuur)
Anneli Volkov, Joel Volkov (TANK)
Marge Kari, Triin Moos
JR Projekt
Total area
Kalle Veesaar


In this project, the interior architects wanted to maximize and showcase the origins of the building – not to recreate the building like a museum piece but create energy between the personality of the building and the needs of the creative agency.

Unpeeling the building’s historical layers, they realized which elements could be preserved. Of pre-existing elements, they opted to expose the stone and parquet floors and ceilings and restore the masonry stoves. Since the customer wanted the designs to be as clear and simple as possible, all of the new elements added had to stand out clearly from the old by being minimalistic. The white colour of the walls and pine desktops make up a peaceful background to both the historical elements and the added modern details.

To reflect the company’s creativity in the interior of the offices as well, bold, compelling solutions were used for adding the new elements. An especially experimental approach was taken to the lighting design, which is contemporary and striking yet also practical. The asymmetrically arranged strip lights create a wow effect and highlight the oval room’s ceiling paintings. The interior also uses somewhat surprising elements: the ping-pong table as a meeting table, furniture in a veranda style for the conference room.

The interior architecture has to make the creative agency a relaxing place to work. Each room was thus approached from a functional perspective. But the architects also wanted to make use of the potential and existing starting material in every room. The layout of what was once a villa was reconfigured to create both places to work alone and other areas for meetings or videoconferencing.

During the pandemic, people realized that a creative enterprise needs a place to work together – it can’t be remote work in separate locations all the time. Now the agency has such a meeting place again.