Estonian Association of Architects / award for a small object 2018 nominee
Leppneeme sadama kai, Leppneeme sadama tee 14, Viimsi vald, Harjumaa
Oliver Alver
Commissioned by
Viimsi Vallavalitsus
Ehitus Grupp
Oliver Alver


At present, there are two buildings in Leppneeme harbour specially designed as the base for daily sailing school trainings. Both buildings are designed by Oliver Alver. Either building has its own character and seems to be completely unlike the other one, however, together they form a fun combination that has become a simple, yet inspiring hub and work environment for the young sailors and their coaches. Leppneeme harbour (and there are many similar environments) is also an example of solutions made of so-called available options – random containers, portable shelters, booths etc. However, such places should have buildings like the ones in the sailing school – buildings that create the feel of a cheerful harbour village. Obviously, it is a considerably more expensive way to design the environment. It is much cheaper to get and adapt a mobile construction site office container. In the future, there may be one larger building in Leppneeme harbour accommodating all the necessary functions leaving the present small houses without their present purpose.
Ott Kask, Specialist of Cultural and Sports Activities of Viimsi Municipality

The aim was to design a light, portable and self-contained building where young people could rest and wash after coming back from the sea. If necessary, it can be lifted on the pier in Leppneeme, if necessary, it will be taken to Pirita or Prangli Island. It is temporarily connected with the utility line and the house is ready for use. It can also produce its own electricity, if needed. The roof is covered with solar panels providing power for immediate use, for instance, to heat water. The solid wood walls are covered with sheet metal to keep it easily maintained. There is a terrace around the building for the sailors to sit down, take off their wetsuits and hang them up for drying.

The main challenge here was to squeeze as many functions as possible into as small a space as possible – everything from washing, heating up food and resting in a hammock up to storage facilities for the sailing equipment. All into one building.

Oliver Alver