Estonian Association of Architects / award for a small object 2018 winner
Eisma, Lääne-Virumaa
Indrek Allmann (Arhitektuuribüroo PLUSS)
Commissioned by
MTÜ Eisma Sadam
Indrek Allmann, Päär-Joonap Keedus

Jury comments

The designer of Eisma Harbour has played around masterfully with the theme of the natural seaside environment and lifestyle, creating contemporary, functional and at the same time, locally rooted architecture.

The wonderful fence at Eisma Harbour is the first sight that catches the eye of any new visitor. It puts a smile on your face – the design is so ingenious and the impact so charged with emotion. To some it may seem suggestive of the surrounding coastal reeds; others may be reminded of a traditional thicket fence. It is amazing how modern design can be contemplated in both technical and emotional terms.

Austris Mailītis / Mailitis Architects /


We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Indrek Allmann and the architecture office Pluss – whenever we turned to them, no matter how small the object or just a detail in need of specification, we always got good advice and a superb result! Indrek dwells deep into the tiniest details with utmost commitment and this results in excellent solutions.
Tiiu Pedaja, Manager of MTÜ Eisma Sadam

The harbour is a part of the wider infrastructure and therefore the list of necessary small buildings is largely prescribed. The only question is whether the pragmatic details could also have aesthetic value in addition to their functionality.

The developer of Eisma harbour left nothing to chance. They took equal care of the indoor carpets as well as the safety barriers around the area.

In details we see their free and contemporary take on the forms and materials typical of the coastal folk traditions. A good harbour will never be ready. Eisma is only gearing up.


Indrek Allmann