Estonian Landscape Architects Union / student project of the year 2018 nominee
TalTech landscape architecture graduates
Edith Tanner, Kristella Jurkatamm
Kristi Grišakov, Edgar Kaare

The brief of the course work vision was based on the need to revive the cemetery culture brought about by the increase of average life expectancy, the change of burial traditions (burial in a coffin vs cremation), the estrangement from traditional burial customs due to social changes and the respective development in the next decades. The loosened family ties in the urbanised society and the lifestyle taking children increasingly more often to other countries have made people consider graves as a burden. Just as culture in general, also grave design has become considerably more pictorial providing numerous options.

Hortus Vitae is a future cemetery park divided into a cemetery and a public park area with various functions. The cemetery park suited the area due to its good accessibility and closed landscape (bordered with barracks and railway network).


Kristi Grišakov