Vello Asi Student Prize 2021
Ann-Katriin Kelder
Portrait photo
Heiko Kruusi
Potos of the works
Ann-Katriin Kelder

Vello Asi Student Prize

Over the decades, Vello Asi has been a key figure in the education of interior architecture students, and guiding their development to personalities and professionals in their field. His principles, ethics and attitude towards his work and art are values that we hope to see in today’s young interior architects as well. That is why the student prize is called the Vello Asi Prize

The student prize is a prize not bestowed by the jury; it is awarded in cooperation between the board of the Association of Interior Architects and the Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Interior Architecture.


Ann-Katriin Kelder is a serious, in-depth kind of Academy of Arts interior architecture master’s student, interested in taking projects in the field to a deeper level. She takes sufficient time to relate to the topic and develop ideas – analyses, searches, experiments, listens to feedback, expands the idea and makes rapid progress to the end result. Leafing through her distinctive red portfolio, a polarity can be sensed in her artist’s position, straddling the line between harmony and restlessness. Among her standout projects are her searches in sacral interiors, conducted both as a first-year students and master’s degree student, where the substantive work process is expressed in modelling the design independently of the material – she is capable of studying, sensing and presenting space and form in diverse ways using both plywood and clay. Ann-Katriin is a creative experimenter whose open-minded attitude and curiosity are catalysts for the investigative process.
Estonian Academy of Arts, department of Interior Architecture

I am inspired by experimental solutions, and designs that discover new qualities. In creating a concept, I start from a personal experience with some intriguing problem, phenomenon or space. Driven by curiosity and not wanting to get bogged down in my comfort zone, I am always on the lookout for new challenges. A hands-on approach is important for me – I test new concepts through modelling them. I look to offer unexpected interior solutions that would strike users as both innovative and natural. In my master’s level study, I am interested in the topics of club architecture and ways of recycling interiors.

Ann-Katriin Kelder