Estonian Architecture Awards 2018
Compiler and editor: Karen Jagodin
Graphic Design: Unt/Tammik
Graphics: photos, schemes
Cover photo: Renee Altrov
Project Manager: Kaire Pärnpuu
Language: in Estonian and English
184 pages
Format: 285 x 210mm
Published: in December, 2018
Publisher: MTÜ Arhitektuurikirjastus
Subscriptions: info@arhitektuurikirjastus
15.00 €

Estonian Architecture Awards 2018

The top works of Estonian architecture in 2018 provide a colourful and versatile overview of the annual award nominees of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia in Architecture, the Estonian Association of Architects and the Estonian Landscape Architects Union. The results of years of research studies side by side with temporary  installations and small objects, state secondary schools and apartment buildings side by side with museums. Here you will find insights into 42 works of architecture  and landscape architecture from the point of view of the authors as well as the users.