TalTech landscape architecture master
Hanna Veske
Ülle Grišakov, Margus Triibmann


The work “100 Goblins” is the first Master’s studies project focussing on design. The assignment was somewhat intimidating also for experienced designers or landscape architects – the task was to design a series of small objects and a respective landscape design solution inspired by the traditional Estonian elements.

As the author wished to pay homage to one of the best-known Estonian folk tales, the series came to be based on the goblin. It is a combination of Estonian defiance and stubborn silence. The objects of the series ooze with both discomfort and pain, fun and cunning. The Goblin family includes a bench with twelve legs almost each of them as a separate element, a lamp bending over people’s head as if a goblin’s bony hand, a railing reminiscent of a row of broken twigs stuck in the ground, and a metal triangle resting on three legs turning into a natural shelter covered with plants in the summer.

Kristi Grišakov