Estonian Landscape Architects Union / student project of the year 2018 nominee

The monument features the events in 1918 when the Republic of Estonia was declared. The emphasis is on the cooperation between Jüri Vilms, Hugo Kuusner, Konstantin Konik and Konstantin Päts in striving for Estonian independence as well as in preparing, presenting and distributing the “Manifest to all Nations of Estonia”. After the first presentation, the message was spread across the country on sheets of paper and by mail – paper was the means to a goal. The sheets of paper in the monument are light and airy but heavy in their significance and impact. The heavy sheets of paper are held in the air by the common goal and cooperation of many people in their pursuit of independence symbolised here in the form of fine legs. The monument is modern, attractive and in human scale. The sheets of paper are easy to read for both children and adults. People can sit, rest, lie down, read and spend time on the concrete sheets and thus think about the gaining of Estonian independence. The area is suitable for various gathering and events. In the dark, the central area of the monument is attractively and invitingly lit.