Cultural Endowment of Estonia in architecture / exhibition 2019 winner
Estonian Association of Interior Architects / annual award 2019 nominee
Estonian Museum of Architecture, Ahtri 2, Tallinn
Ingrid Ruudi
Jarmo Kauge, Tiiu Parbus
Exhibition Design
Katrin Koov
Graphic Design
Laura Pappa
Reio Avaste
Refiner, Ingrid Ruudi
Mari Klein
Reio Avaste


An exhibition is interesting when the invisible becomes visible and when new connections or the lack of connections emerge. We do not actually know to what extent the instructions by the wife were considered in the solutions in historic housebarns, garners or barns. Why did the number of female architecture students drop sharply after the restoration of Estonian independence or why are female architects never considered when discussing the efficient authors of industrial buildings? Or that female authors should save the world from environmental disaster? I agree with those saying that the architect’s gender has no role to play in the result – just let women do the beautiful work without the invisible web of obstacles! The exhibition allowed us to discover the continuously invisible patterns of obstacles that the strongest will overcome with playful ease, while robbing others of a number of valuable working hours. Let people do their work in peace, free from restrictive and irrelevant patterns of thought on what is “suitable” for men and women. It will benefit also other fields of activity!
Liisa Pakosta / Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner