Estonian Association of Interior Architects / annual award 2017 nominee
Ringtee 75, Tartu
Interior architecture
Ville Lausmäe, Peeter Klaas (VL sisearhitektuur)
Arhitektuuribüroo Peil
Custom furniture
Sarkop, Kalla mööbel, PSI Sisustus
Tartu Hotels
Terje Ugandi, Silver Gutmann


In commissioning this work, we knew quite exactly what kind of hotel we wanted and thus the terms of reference were thoroughly conceived. We also had enough time to carry out the project. The collaboration with Ville Lausmäe and Peeter Klaas was based on principles that both parties were clear on, and it proceeded pleasantly. There were more disagreements in this case of the restaurant, but the end result was good, both in the hotel and the restaurant. It was much better than I'd dared to hope in the beginning.
Verni Loodmaa, chairman of the management board