Estonian Landscape Architects Union / student project of the year 2018 nominee
Kertu Kruus, Liisa Sekavin, Kaja Veddel, Merlin Nerep

The coastal area in Pärnu stands out for its natural values. The nature reserve area of the coastal meadow includes sandy and muddy foreshores, coves, coastal meadows and reed beds, white and grey dunes. The coves are inhabited by rare communities and numerous birds nest here.

The solution for the coastal area relies on and takes inspiration from the natural resources. The shape of the dunes on the section and plan, the grey and white dunes, reed beds and grasses, the winding coastline – it all shapes the landscape architectural elements of the new whole and the spatial solutions of the coastal area. It is important to introduce and familiarise natural values without destroying them and thus create a private and environmental-friendly recreational area between the coastal dunes and also a nature and dune trail introducing the natural values.

The concept inspired by the natural elements is conveyed by the wavy promenade through the coastal area, the organic placement of the organic elements and the design of the new elements with slender grasses and dunes.