Cultural Endowment of Estonia in architecture / exhibition 2019 nominee
Tartu Cathedral, Tartu
"Tartu Cathedral. Cathedral. Library. Museum", compiled by
Mariann Raisma, Krista Andreson
Kaur Alttoa, Madis Maasing, Juhan Maiste, Mihkel Mäesalu, Anu Ormisson-Lahe, Mariann Raisma, Heiki Valk, Martin Malve, Malle Ermel, Lea Leppik
Anu Lepp
Maarja Roosi
Sirje Toomla
Historical maps of Tartu
Raul Vaiksoo, Kristo Vaiksoo
Published by
University of Tartu Museum, 2018
Curator of the outdoor exhibition
Mariann Raisma
Design of the outdoor exhibition
Mariann Raisma, Andres Tennus


First of all, I would highlight the yet another masterpiece by art historian Kaur Alttoa beside his earlier monograph on St John Church in Tartu. However, it certainly does not diminish the contribution of the researchers of the building’s later periods Mariann Raisma and Krista Andreson to the compilation of the extensive work. It is important to stress that the text on art history that can easily sound too complex has been put together in a clear and comprehensive manner with excellent illustrations. It is naturally not something in your bedside reading list but certainly a book worth keeping within the reach of people interested in the topic. The museum has expanded the message of the book to the park area in front of the building as a well-designed outdoor exposition and this idea could be followed also by other architectural objects so that passers-by would have more to do than just take a few pictures. I would be really surprised if locals or Estonians interested in history did not have this highly detailed, colourful and masterful monograph compiled up to the standards of contemporary historical research on their bookshelf already.
Enriko Talvistu / art historian