The Book “Miracles in Concrete. Structural engineer August Komendant”

Pausing to Consider

The book “The Parks and Green Areas of Tallinn”

Exhibition “City Unfinished. Urban Visions of Tallinn”

Ingrid Ruudi’s doctoral thesis “Spaces of the Interregnum. Transformations in Estonian Architecture and Art, 1986–1994”

Sille Pihlak’s doctoral thesis “Prototyping Protocols, Protocolling Prototypes: A Methodological Development of Somatic Modularity for Algorithmic Timber Architecture in Estonian Context”

Siim Tuksam’s doctoral thesis “Modulated Modularity – from Mass Customisation to Custom Mass Production“

“Impossible only in Tallinn”

“The Black Highway and the Red Bog Fox”

“From Hate to Love”