Nõmme, Tallinn
Riina Harik (Saha In)
Kadri Ruusna (Saha In)
Emil Urbel, Andrus Mark (Arhitektibüroo Emil Urbel)
Commissioned by
Katrin Uusoja


The collaboration with interior architect and builder was so enjoyable that it could only culminate in this elegantly cosy home, integral in terms of its details. We were extremely satisfied with the end result and enjoy every moment spent at home.

THE CUSTOMER WANTED an interior that would form a whole together with the architecture designed by Emil Urbel. It was important to think from the outside in and vice versa – to offer beautifully composed, finished views.

WHAT I LIKE IS THAT the result is very architectural. There are extensive pure surfaces where the beauty of the material is showcased. The fireplace design in the living room is especially grand and central. The wall with the gas fireplace is covered with large slabs extending floor to ceiling which were glued into place skilfully at different angles by masters in their field. All walls and ceilings are light grey. It brings out the key details and decorative elements. Much thought was given to the transitions of the ceiling, light cornices, ribs and ventilation solutions.

PROCESS. Every detail is part of the whole, there were no more or less important themes. The modern technical solutions allow bigger and bigger ideas to be accomplished. The sliding doors have no visible tracks; the three metre high swing doors that move with elegant ease have only minimal point fastenings to floor and ceiling. The custom designed door handles are a lovely detail. The living room floor is a somewhat unusual approach. The room’s perimeter is bordered by dark natural stone, the central floor has oak parquet squares, which in turn are framed by dark wenge wood mouldings.

PRODUCING THE CUSTOM FURNITURE WAS A FASCINATING AND EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE for both me and the local cabinetmaker. Sometimes it’s worth being stubborn and insisting on solutions that seem impossible to execute. Often special ideas go ahead because of lack of suitable details and accessories. This time seeking and experimenting paid off, and stylish and minimalist display cases were the end result – the smaller the fastenings, the more delicate the structure can be.

Riina Harik

Ruumipilt 2018