Estonian Association of Architects / award for a small object 2018 nominee
Ülo-Tarmo Stöör, Lembit-Kaur Stöör, Madli Kaljuste (ÖÖ-ÖÖ Arhitektid)
Commissioned by
Heigo Jelle
Ülo-Tarmo Stöör


The client wished to make use of the old corridor windows of a historic Tallinn house type from Pelgulinna district. So it was one of those recycling ventures that are becoming increasingly popular. The windows were to provide shelter from the predominantly westerly winds blowing on the northern coast. Then again, it was also important to make sure that the side facing the road (in the north-east) would hide the cheery crowd enjoying their time from prying eyes. The result with the polygonal solution is brilliant – that’s the key that allowed them to fulfil all the above-mentioned wishes. All my guests and I applaud.
Toomas, the client

The initial brief was to design a small grill house with the building area of 20m2 that would have an intriguing layout and shape, provide shelter from rain and wind but at the same time also allow sea views and a place to stay for a friend. The client had some old windows that he wanted to use, if possible. As the building is by the sea, we found it important to create a shelter from wind from the sea (in the north-west) but retain the sea views. So we came to utilise the old windows in the windbreak wall. The house and terrace are open to the garden (south). The client’s wish was to get something different and excluded a square floor plan. Thus, the challenge was to create a small-scale building intriguing in form and economical in its use of space.


Ülo-Tarmo Stöör

I actually played a very small role in this building with only a couple of practical hooks and hoops indoors and outdoors. The design process is always easier and also the result better, if you can rely on the clear vision of the background or environment by the architect or interior designer. The given small grill house is certainly among such works.


Heigo Jelle