The Student Award of the Estonian Association of Architects 2021
Mihkel Räni Raev
Andres Alver, Toomas Tammis, Tarmo Teedumäe


The Master’s thesis “Technological Paldiski” suggests a necessary framework for modernising and creating new value for urban space. Thoroughly researched in terms of both theory and practise, the material is concerned with an important topic for the city and citizens of Paldiski.

The 300-million-euro investment in the construction of a water intake facility should not result merely in a fenced off port facility but an important project for the entire city. The present thesis initiates discussion on its location and makes it an integral part of public space.

In Paldiski, there is a very real need for urban planning, much like for every new public or private project. Mihkel Raev’s thesis adds contemporary layers to Paldiski and the given visions should be noted also in the future development plans of the city.

The solutions suggested in the thesis are thoroughly researched. The architectural form of the water intake facility may give rise to some issues in need of further development, however, it does not reduce the value of the work. The starting points and location options are very good and the author’s reliance on architecture history is equally commendable. The textual part and the architectural project form an enjoyable, logical and coherent whole.

The jury was unanimous in their decision – it is a comprehensive, necessary and highly important solution. MA theses must be concerned also with topics that, at first glance, seem somewhat boring but nevertheless have a considerable value in practise.

Kristian Taaksalu
Jury member, EAA Section of Young Architects