Maja and Sirp / article award 2022 winner
Eik Hermann
About the author
Eik Hermann is a lecturer in philosophy and practice-based theory at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the editor-in-chief of architecture magazine Ehituskunst
In Estonian Architectural Review Maja, summer-fall 2020 (109-110) with main topic "How can built heritage help with modern challenges?"

The Jury of the Architectural Review Maja for the best article on architecture

“Radical Contextualism” is an essay giving a critical and philosophical insight into spatial heritage and highlighting the potentially restricting effect of the implemented frame of reference. It also conceptualises the possible future outlook for spatial heritage, in particular, the frequent unawereness of it.

At least in Estonian, theoretical works on space are written less frequently than any other forms of architecture criticism (the same applies of course to other cultural spheres), thus making the given essay all the more special and noteworthy. I believe “Radical Contextualism” could be revisited at any time and it will continue to remain timeless (while also creating value in time).


Kati Ilves

Artistic Designer of Tartu 2024 and curator of contemporary art



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