The Annual Award of the Estonian Association of Landscape Architects 2023
Karin Bachmann, Mirko Traks, Juhan Teppart, Kristjan Talistu (KINO maastikuarhitektid)
Kino maastikuarhitektid, 2023
Kristjan Talistu
Text editor
Piret Põldver (Päevakera)
Graphic design
Martin Rästa (Baas Disain)
Eesti Kultuurkapital, Tartu linn, Merko Ehitus Eesti
Printing House


An excellent book that helps to unlock the essence of landscape architecture, the complexity of creating in landscape and the simplicity of high-quality results. Further layers are added by their partners’ vision of the process. In landscape, it is important to conceptualise the layers of various eras and thus, in terms of future reference, the book will be a good way to understand the past and assess the success of various solutions. It is an interesting read for everybody and allows us to go out and discover the tiny nuances that have escaped us so far – enjoy the read and the discoveries!
Kristiina Kupper, landscape architect

The landscape architecture tradition in Estonia is patchy. The decades-long interruption in teaching the profession is still felt today. Although landscape architecture is a creative profession, there is still no tradition or skill to conceptualise one’s work and set it against a wider social background. Discussions about the essence of landscape architecture are scarce. The book ‘Indispensable Outdoor Space’ helps to fill the huge void a little. For the development of the field, we need such books that help us to get a deeper understanding of the ideas, squares, parks and streets through theories and social approaches. It illustrates how many problems could be solved with landscape architecture, starting from ecological issues to diversifying children’s games and material circulation. The texts and projects in the book intertwine urban design, semiotics, philosophy, engineering etc. The collection in a grey calico binding features a colourful and diverse overview of the works of Kino that form the beacon lighting the way in Estonian landscape architecture.
Merle Karro-Kalberg, landscape architect