The Student Award of the Estonian Association of Architects 2023
Master’s thesis “Reciprocal Timber Frame Structures”

Martin Melioranski, Raul Kalvo, Eik Hermann
Evert Palmets


Comments by the Jury:

The core of Kertu Johanna Jõeste’s Master’s thesis “Reciprocal Timber Frame Structures” is the construction method named in the title discussed in the context of cross-disciplinary design process, sustainability and material-based design.

The work stands out for its distinctive problem, starting from a very small scale enhanced by the rich sphere of influence outlined around it. Since the material used is light in weight and the construction method low-tech and accessible to everyone, the method can be easily applied in tactical urbanism or grassroot-level guerilla architecture. It is also important to note the distinctive aesthetics which is why Kertu’s thesis certainly contributes to tectonic thinking and inspires architects to take this dimension into account already at the early stages of the design process. Through the presentation of the construction method, Kertu draws attention to the importance of the cooperation between architecture, engineering and construction in the context of sustainable architecture, linking it to the concepts of material-based, low-technology as well as modular and adaptable design.

Epp Lankots, Merilin Kaup, Vahur Sova