Vello Asi Student Prize 2020
Semele Kari
Rasmus Jurkatam


Over the decades, Vello Asi has been a key figure in the education of interior architecture students, and guiding their development to personalities and professionals in their field. His principles, ethics and attitude towards his work and art are values that we hope to see in todays young interior architects as well and the student prize is called the Vello Asi Prize.

The student prize is a prize not bestowed by the jury; it is awarded in cooperation between the board of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects and the Estonian Academy of Arts, department of Interior Architecture.


Semele’s work highlights how to combine the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired over three years in bachelor’s studies and apply it in a diploma thesis. The final thesis displays the student’s maturity and creative personality in setting the problem and a design solution that is both practical and poetic. Intervention in a fairly minimal manner, but a good springboard for further discussion on the topic of the future of old railway station buildings.
Estonian Academy of Arts, department of Interior Architecture

I am a graduate of the Estonian Academy of Arts bachelors programme in interior architecture and I am continuing my observation and discussion of space while working toward my masters degree in the same field,. I like drawing connections between my speciality and private life, being experimental and provocative in both areas at once. Drawing on personal experience, I set creative goals intuitively, but I enjoy a structured working process when it comes to attaining results. Topics that are emotionally important to me are the cultural development of smaller rural communities, how different forms of coexistence are expressed spatially and Estonian railway landscapes along with architecture along the railway.

Semele Kari